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Exclusive Design

"Natural plants will cover the corners recreating with all their beauty unique spaces".

Our vertical gardens are specially built for each particular space, ranging from large real estate development projects to smaller environments, whether industrial, commercial or residential.

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Indoor or outdoor Garden

"The wonderful thing about giving life to interior spaces or highlighting the exterior with an imposing and enthusiastic vertical garden"

Vertical gardens or living vertical walls provide many benefits to the everyday environment, since they purify the air, reduce environmental noise, provide oxygen, retain dust, reduce energy use, since they regulate the ambient temperature and generate good energy in the spaces. .

"Connecting with nature generates well-being"

Natural plants give off their energy while purifying the air, reducing environmental noise and regulating ambient temperature and humidity

Living Spaces

Dazzling and colorful spaces that flourish at different times of the year, providing infinite beauty to the environments 

Original Designs


Inspired by nature


We select the plant species that adapt to the conditions of each place and project, we design each space and apply the most appropriate cultivation technique for the development and growth of the chosen species.

Our system is based on the technique of hydroponic cultivation with wet felt, which provides the roots with the nutrients and moisture required to develop and grow properly.

The vertical garden construction system is based on an independent support structure that allows an air chamber between the wall and the garden, this method ensures the tightness of the system and generates the optimal conditions for perfect plant development.


The plates attached to the structure are made of ecological material and have insulating properties, they are covered with the bio-felt, which is a geotextile layer, this is used double, inside are the conduits and drippers of the irrigation system and in the outer part of the pockets are generated for the placement of the chosen plant species, in this way the plants no longer use substrate (soil) as a nutrient supply but go to the hydroponics system where they are fed through the bio-felt.

It is important for vertical garden maintenance to understand the use of fertilizers as well as the quality and maintenance of irrigation water.

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The vertical garden is exclusively designed using the hydroponic cultivation method. The roots receive a nutritious and balanced solution dissolved in water for the perfect development of the plants without the need to use soil for their development.


Very low and simple maintenance, the vertical garden system has an irrigation system, mineral dosing, PH and EC control that work automatically. In smaller vertical gardens these parameters can be controlled manually. 

Tropical Leaves


Generate Oxygen

Due to the high density of plants in one square meter of vegetation cover, the oxygen that a person requires in a year is generated.

Purify the Air

The vegetation cover filters gases and traps heavy metals. In addition there are certain plant species that better metabolize certain environmental pollutants, purifying the air.

Improves Acoustics

The vertical garden is an excellent acoustic insulator since it reduces the environmental noise of its surroundings by up to 10 decibels

Regulates the temperature

Save energy since it regulates the environmental temperature optimizing the use of refrigeration (summer) and heating (winter)

Contributes well-being

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The presence of nature in the spaces results in the reduction of anxiety, generating positive energies and providing beauty in any space.

Add Value

Due to its exclusive design and the vegetal beauty it gives to the environments, a vertical garden notably increases the value of real estate and real estate projects.

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